Friday, 23 October 2020
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Intro to Becoming a Referee

Intro to Becoming a Referee


Interested in becoming a basektball referee with no experience?  Maybe you're trying to fill in a needed referee spot for your kid's1st grade basketball game.  Either way, this camp is for you.  We will cover high school rules and mechanics and make sure you understand what's involved in being a basketball referee.  The camp consists of written and video content.  Each camp concludes with a quiz which you can use to measure what you need to improve to become a better referee.  

The camp is FREE, but you do need to register for an account in order to take the quiz at the end of the camp.

The Standard FREE account also give you access to the Standard Camp.  The Standard Camp still offers Standard Users an opportunity to learn from the Officials Hub, but on a limited basis.  You will have access to new content once per month, as oppose to the Official Account, which there are no restrictions to the Officials Hub content.

We hope to see you as an Official User.

Good luck and good journey.