Sunday, 23 January 2022
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The Officials Hub is comprised of content that have been gathered and posted by Basketball Officials who are leaders within their respected High School and/or Collegiate Officials Organizations around the US.  These content are expected to be kepts up to date by our Moderators.  You as the training Official, can comment on traning materials that are posted by our Educators/Mentors/Evaluators/Publishers.  We too are willing to accept constructive criticism.
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The Officials Online Training Camp 

The Officials Online Training Camp consists of materials created by our Publishers/Educators/Evaluators.  Our OHUB Official User's Account have access to many different types of training materials posted by Basketball Officials.  These will include videos, slideshows as well as reading materials.  The Standard FREE User's Account will have limited access to the training materials.  Standard FREE Users have access to contents that will be released once per month.  Thus this current demo version of the training materials are excellent source of information for brand new officials.  If you are refereeing for the first time, our demo version should help you in getting through your first game.  


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The Rules Quizzes

The Rules Quizzes module of the The Official Hub Academy gives Officials an opportunity to identify the areas of basketball rules that needs improvement.  As an OHUB Official User, you will have access to NCAA Men's/Women's as well as NFHS Boy's/Girl's basketball rules quizzes.  Our Standard FREE Users are offered a monthly quiz of 25 questions selected by our Contributors.  This demo version of the quizz will cover Rule 1 - Court & Equipment of the NCAA Women's Basketball Case Play Book.  The trial version below will give you the answer immediately after you answer the question.  The actual version will give you the opportunity to review all your answers at the end of the quiz.

[ The Point Guard Academy Vol. 2 ]

We hope that you have found the demo versions helpful in deciding on signing up or not.  Good luck to you and your future endeavors.